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Andrew Do Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.7
ALpas is a useful freeware tool that will help you store all your logins and passwords for online subscriptions and memberships safe and secure and will allow you to login to Web sites automatically.
One of the great advantages of this program is that you can register on any site you want, even those that might send you spam but you will never see or read it all you will need to do is just follow very intuitive ALpas instructions. Another advantage of this program is that it can be installed not only on your PC but any removable storage device (iPod,USB flash drive etc.) and used on any computer you need or want. Moreover, ALpas is not for one user only, it may be securely used by any number of users on one and the same computer, the passwords may be masked with asterisks. Also the number of the sites logins and passwords for which you want to store is unlimited.
ALpass will run on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista and on Windows 98 / ME / NT 4 but, unfortunately, it is not supported officially on the latest ones as the developer claims. And one more, ALpas fully supports only Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera users can only drag and drop logins and passwords for entering.


  • Good protection.
  • Unlimited number of sites and users.


  • Supports Internet Explorer only.

What's new in version 2.8

Added: Online Update

Publisher's description

Free for home users, ALPass is the best and easiest way to securely store logins and passwords for all your online memberships and subscriptions. USB Drive and iPod support! - Install ALPass to any removeable storage device like your iPod, a USB drive, or even your digital camera! Take ALPass with you - anywhere - with any device!

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    Masa Loi 3 months ago

    Have been using Alpass for years.
    Having to manually insert is not an issue.
    But does Alpass have an Android version?
    Guess not, sadly.